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If you are placing a call to a jaxtr member with a jaxtr number generated from their jaxtr contact page, it maybe possible your call will be forward to their jaxtr voicemail.

----There are reasons why your call maybe going to voicemail----
- The caller may not have added the caller to their approved friends list.
- The callee may not be forwarding their calls to their phone(s).
- The callee has insufficient credits to receive the call, for a member to receive calls from their jaxtr contact page it requires credits.

What you can do:
As the callee (if your incoming calls are going to YOUR jaxtr voicemail):
- Make sure you have sufficient credits to receive jaxtr contact page calls.
- Add your phone number to your account
- Configure your call controls and privacy shield according to receive calls
As a caller (your outgoing calls are going to your FRIEND's jaxtr voicemail):
- Unfortunately, the caller has no control over whether a jaxtr call is directed to voicemail or not. These above instructions apply ONLY to the jaxtr member RECEIVING the call

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